Ohio incel wanted to kill women he had been ‘deprived’ of and fantasized about ‘having’: manifesto

A self-proclaimed « incel » or « involuntary celibacy » from Ohio, who pleaded guilty on Tuesday to prepare for a mass shootingwrote in a 2019 manifesto that he wanted the « death » of the women he had been « deprived of », but cherished and fanaticized to « have it ».

Tres Genco, 22, of Hillsboro admitted to planning a hate crime to shoot 3,000 people, including sorority girls, at a Ohio University in 2021.

In a manifesto titled « A hideous symphony, a manifesto written by Tres Genco, the socially exiled incel », dated August 3, 2019, the 19-year-old wrote that he was « on the verge of entering the ‘US Army’. to practice « reaching a reality, » according to an indictment.

Genco described this « reality » as « the death of what » he had been « most deprived of, but also cherish and fantasize about the occasion of having but of which he was neglected; women ».


Tres Genco pleaded guilty to conspiring to « slaughter » 3,000 sorority girls.
(Butler County)

“I will slaughter out of hatred, jealousy and revenge,” he wrote. « I will take away the power of life they hold me back, showing that there is more than happiness and fulfilment, there is encompassing death, the great equalizer that will sweep us all away in its calm velvet and beguiling with silence and serenity.”

In another memo obtained by law enforcement, Genco said he wanted to « aim big » for a tally of 3,000 people killed, the indictment says.


On the day he wrote his manifesto, Genco searched online for sororities and information about the University of Ohio where he planned to carry out the attack. In 2019, he bought gloves, a bulletproof vest, a hoodie with the word « Revenge », a Bowie knife, a face mask, two Glock 17 magazines and a holster.

The incel movement is an online community made up mostly of men who blame women for their own sexual inactivity.

Federal agents arrested Tres Genco for his conspiracy to commit a hate crime in July 2021.

Federal agents arrested Tres Genco for his conspiracy to commit a hate crime in July 2021.

Genco maintained a number of profiles on a popular incel website between at least July 2019 and mid-March 2020, posting hundreds of posts throughout that time. In one article, he detailed the spraying of women and couples with orange juice using a water gun. Known incel Elliot Rodger, who killed six people and injured 14 others in a 2014 shooting outside the University of California, Santa Barbara, also doused students with orange juice using a squirt gun.

« I put orange juice in a squirt gun, I meant to spray some foids [sic] and couples like ER have done it, when I finally did it was ER’s birthday and I didn’t even know it. I felt like I was spiritually connected to the saint that day…I walked up to them saying hello that day and they didn’t even look up they just when ‘uhuh’ so they got their faces sprayed. I suggest it to all incels, extremely uplifting action,” Genco wrote in a post on the website, according to the indictment.

« Foids » is slang for « femoids » – a pejorative term for women used by incels.

In January 2020, Genco wrote a document titled « isolated » from the future perspective of someone who had just committed a « horrifying » crime, the indictment says.

Tres Genco completed Basic Army Training in Georgia until December 2019 before being discharged for his entry-level performance and conduct.

Tres Genco completed Basic Army Training in Georgia until December 2019 before being discharged for his entry-level performance and conduct.
(Very Genco Instagram)

« If you are reading this, I have done something horrible. Somehow you have come across the writings of delusion and homicide, which is not a task easy, and for that, I commend you for your curiosity and willingness to delve into such a dark subject, » sang, « Your hopeful and murderous friend, » he wrote.

Federal agents arrested the 22-year-old in July 2021 after responding to a domestic incident at his Hillsboro mobile home, and he has remained in Butler County custody since then.


According to police who testified at Genco’s trial, the defendant’s mother called 911 saying her son had a gun and threatened to kill her.

After detectives arrived on scene and questioned Genco, they found weapons, body armor and ammunition inside a vehicle on the property. They also discovered a gun in her bedroom, at which point police realized she was not just responding to a domestic indecent assault, according to court documents.


Ohio « incel » Tres Genco said he wanted to kill women he fantasized about « having ».
(Very Genco/Instagram)

Highland County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Vincent Antinore recalled in his testimony that Genco’s mother said her son had recently moved from California to Ohio « to get out of town », but neither place seemed to « work » for him, and he eventually enlisted in the army.

Genco completed basic Army training in Georgia until December 2019 before being fired for his entry-level performance and conduct.

« After that she said she didn’t feel like she knew him anymore, he was so angry and aggressive, » Antinore recalled. « The mother talked about a letter she had read that was what she believed was a plan for Tres to hurt a lot of people. »

Dec. of Highland County Erica Engle testified that Genco’s mother interpreted her interest in the military as wanting to « get back on track…only once he got out of the military did he become a person. very different ».


« He was very restless. He just did things that weren’t in his character, » the detective recalled of his mother. « He had traveled in Greece for ten days without knowing anyone or rhyme or reason why he left, never discussed the reason for his departure, never discussed with her what he was going to do during his stay there. »

The 22-year-old pleaded guilty to one count of attempted hate crime and faces up to life in prison because the conspiracy included attempted murder.


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