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Odette’s nose

I really like the name Odette. It’s a name that smacks of the 1950s. It sounds cheerful, dapper, almost bouncy. It has, alas, fallen into disuse, as they say. Maybe it will come back into fashion, you never know, like Jules (which, when I was little, was reserved for grandfathers). Why am I talking about Odette? Because today is his birthday. So, I tell myself, there is a Saint Odette. Who was she? What did she do ? Quick, I’m off to Wikipedia. I’m copying the entire note for you: “Odette de Rivreulle (died in 1158), member of an illustrious family who wanted to marry her in spite of herself. She cut off her nose and entered the nuns of Premontrea, in order to avoid all the suitors attracted by her beauty. »

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Frankly, I find it harsh. It’s downright plastic surgery in reverse. Today, those who find themselves too ugly have their noses redone. Odette finds herself too beautiful and cuts her nose. She could have contented herself with entering the nuns. But no: she cuts her nose. Wait, how do we cut off our noses? Just thinking about it, I almost pass out. Thereupon, presto, she is canonized. Talk about a role model, for pretty young girls. Like you, this evening, I will look closely at the noses of the two candidates, to catch one or the other in the act of lying. But I’ll have a thought for poor Odette, born with too pretty a nose…