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Legislation requires those applying for gun licenses to submit their social media accounts to authorities

New York passed a sweeping gun control law aimed at banning guns in a number of « sensitive areas » including Times Square, also requiring social media checks for firearms license applicants to ensure their « character and conduct. »

The Democratic-sponsored bill advanced through the New York Legislature in a special session on Friday, with Governor Kathy Hochul signing it into law soon after.

« To me, this is the embodiment of what it means to be an American, » Hochul said of the law shortly after it passed the state Senate, adding that she would sign it « In honor of our 4th of July weekend. »

The law prohibits firearms from a long list of « sensitive areas » around the Empire State, such as popular New York tourist sites, as well as schools, libraries, universities, government buildings, playgrounds and parks, public transportation and stadiums. Residents will also no longer be allowed to carry firearms in private businesses unless owners post clear signage that it is permitted.

A more controversial measure in the bill requires those seeking a firearms license to send to the government “a list of former and current social media accounts…from the last three years” in order to confirm the « the character and conduct of the plaintiff ». In addition, they must submit at least four « character references » that can “certify the good character of the applicant.

The bill was passed in a special legislative session convened after the United States Supreme Court struck down a century-old gun control law in New York last week. While the provision required license applicants to demonstrate they needed a firearm for self-defense, the court found it violated the 14th Amendment « by preventing law-abiding citizens with ordinary self-defense needs from exercising their right to own and bear arms in public. »

Although Democratic supporters said it would help « Keep New Yorkers Safe », The new legislation has come under heavy criticism from Republicans and gun advocates, with New York State Firearms Association executive director Aaron Dorr calling it a « the kind of bill the Gestapo would be proud of. »

“It will never survive a legal challenge,” he added.

GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin — who won the party’s nomination for the next gubernatorial race earlier this week — was also highly critical, arguing the law would only make residents less safe.

“Only under one Democratic party rule can criminals run wild armed with illegal weapons, while law-abiding New Yorkers are denied their right to safely carry a firearm. and safe only for their self-defense », Zeldin said.

The gun control debate has been reignited by a series of mass shootings in recent months – including a rampage in Buffalo, New York that left 10 people dead in May – prompting new legislation in a number of states and at the national level. Late last week, President Joe Biden signed into law a major bipartisan gun bill, aimed at limiting access to firearms for those deemed dangerous, the most important piece of legislation in this guy to wipe out Congress for almost 30 years.

US Congress Passes Important Bipartisan Gun Control Law

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