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Not too easy, Mr. Legault!

Not too easy, Mr. Legault!

So here it is, it finally unravels. Or at least, it loosens up a little. It déconfine mollo, dixit François Legault.

François Legault intends to restore our freedoms to us one after the other, under the sign of the greatest caution, while retaining the right to suspend them again if the situation so requires.

In other words, this deconfinement is circumstantial, and has nothing definitive. He reminds us that the pandemic will have led to a change in mentalities without our noticing it. We now grant the government the right to suspend social and economic life in the name of the health situation.


We obviously hope that he will not have to do so, but we grant him this permission, we recognize this legitimacy.

The state of exception has become normalized, the state of emergency is now that of ordinary days.

We live in constant stress, caused not only by the virus, which worries us, but also by the uncertainty about the right of ordinary mortals to live their lives more or less as they see fit.

I will be told that according to the apparently always exact science of Public Health, we should always be on our guard.


But here is the basis of my analysis: there is a problem in itself that the government gives itself the right to supervise social life down to the last detail.

There is in this finicky desire to control our lives a caricatural expression of the pathologies of the Quebec bureaucracy, which never doubts its efficiency and its expertise.

It will thus set with its Kafkaesque standards the authorized capacity of restaurants, and tomorrow, that of performance halls.

She will decide under what conditions and under what circumstances I can receive friends at my house.

The government thus gives itself an exaggerated power, to give itself the impression of mastering the situation and controlling as much as it can a wave which, obviously, largely exceeds our capacity to dominate it.

Let me be well understood. I do not believe for a moment that the government has bad intentions. Those who treat François Legault as a dictator do not understand the meaning of the words and fall into a parallel universe.

It is the health concern of the government that speaks and that comes to turn against common sense and pushes it to infantilize the population. What to do then?


It is necessary, if I may allow myself this formula which is perhaps too audacious, to trivialize the pandemic. The Covid must be considered as one problem among others in our society.

Let the government set broad intelligible health guidelines, that is what it is there for.

Provide everyone with the means to protect themselves, from masks to rapid tests. Pursue the reform of the hospital system. Vaccinate those who are not yet vaccinated.

And for the rest, we will live.

Let’s deconfine? Let’s deconfine!

And don’t be too soft, M’sieur Legault.