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Not all cops are bastards

Not all cops are bastards

Imagine for a second if I wrote in one of my columns: “All singers are bitches”.

If someone were to assert such enormities, you would find that they were making stupid generalizations. And you would be right.

But then, why do Quebec artists find it not only correct but funny to proclaim: “All cops are bastards / All police officers are bastards”?


You have surely seen this story about the actress Nadia Essadiqi, who also works as a musician under the artist name La bronze.

She posted a photo of herself in a police costume, for her role in the series Reasonable doubt at Radio-Canada: the problem is that she added the letters ACAB to her bulletproof vest. It is the acronym for “All cops are bastards”, four small letters used since the 1930s in England by all those who hate the police. The numbers 1312 are also used, in reference to the order of these letters in the alphabet.

Obviously, after the death of Georges Floyd, we saw this acronym reappear. But why does a Quebec actress feel justified in making this stupid generalization?

Is it to clear himself with his progressive milieu by implying: “Yes, I play the police, I dress in the police but don’t worry, I hate the police”?

Mrs Essadiqi wrote to my colleague from Newspaper “I had no bad intentions in making this post. I quickly realized that it might offend people and immediately took it down. I apologize to those who may have been offended by this clumsiness.

A clumsiness? No bad intention? Did she seriously think that she was going to call ALL the police officers bastards and that it was going to pass like a letter in the post office?

At the end of the week, the president of the ADPQ and police director of Laval, Pierre Brochet, reacted: “The population must realize that this kind of publication is insulting, because it is 15,000 police officers who are being attacked. suddenly with this type of publication and slogan inciting hatred of the police”.

Another artist likes to say that ALL police officers are bastards. This is Safia Nolin. She was photographed with a t-shirt on which was written: “All cops are bastards even your dad” (all the police are bastards, even your father) and she wears a tattoo with the famous numbers 1312.

In May 2021, the group Support for police officers Quebec / Canada posted the following message on its Facebook page: “It’s enough to play the victims in the media but send a contradictory message by hating the police”.


Last year, Safia Nolin took part in the documentary 9/11 and me, broadcast on Télé-Québec. The artist, whose father is Algerian and whose last name sounded Arabic, claimed that it was in 2001 that she began to be bullied by people who made this idiotic mix: All Arabs are terrorists”.

Amalgams are unacceptable… unless it’s an artist who does it?