Nomination of Michelle O’Bonsawin: Chief Justice of Canada delighted

Chief Justice of Canada Richard Wagner is delighted with the appointment of Michelle O’Bonsawin to the Supreme Court of Canada.

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On August 19, Justin Trudeau appointed, for the first time in history, an Indigenous judge to the Supreme Court, Michelle O’Bonsawin, an Abenaki member of the Odanak First Nation who is fluent in both official languages. Richard Wagner hailed the appointment of the 48-year-old who could legally stay on the Supreme Court until she turns 75.

“Judge O’Bonsawin is a renowned jurist in the areas of mental health, aboriginal law, and labor and employment law. Throughout her career as a lawyer and judge, she has proven herself to be a principled, genuine and hard-working person,” Chief Justice Wagner said in a statement.

« My colleagues and I are delighted to welcome among us the first Indigenous judge to join the Court, » he added. His coming helps to ensure that the institutions of our country, in particular the Supreme Court of Canada, reflect even more the Canadian population,” he added.

Justice O’Bonsawin’s appointment will take effect September 1 and will fill the vacancy left following the retirement of Justice Michael Moldaver.

Chief Justice Wagner will swear in Justice O’Bonsawin at this time, in a private ceremony at the Supreme Court. An official welcoming ceremony will take place in November.


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