No reform of the voting system: Legault nevertheless promises to work with the opposition

Six days before the election, François Legault promises to work together with all the other opposition parties if he is re-elected Prime Minister. But he still refuses to reform the voting system.

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According to the most recent Leger survey conducted on behalf of the Log, the CAQ is moving towards a majority government, despite a slow decline in voting intentions for the past month. But above all, the fight is tight for the position of Leader of the Official Opposition.

“Of course I still see a role, if I am elected as prime minister on October 3, to bring people together, to work with the opposition. There are good ideas, among other things on the environment, on the protection of French, so I want to work with the opposition parties, and that’s what Quebecers want, that we work together, « said Tuesday the chef caquiste, passing through Gaspésie.

François Legault, however, remains vague on the form that such a collaboration would take. Could opposition bills be called by the government to be considered? The outgoing Prime Minister did not commit to it.

« I think I’m someone who listens, and as I’ve said many times before, the pandemic has made me more humble than ever, » he insisted.

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With five major political parties vying for the election, there could be some distortion in the distribution of seats in Parliament. Despite a relatively high percentage of support, some parties risk electing only a handful of MPs.

Nevertheless, the head of the CAQ rejects the idea of ​​reforming the voting system for a proportional.

“It is not a priority for Quebecers. With the pandemic, with what we have to do in health, in the economy, in education, it is not a priority for Quebecers, ”he said.

However, François Legault was committed to reforming the voting system in 2018. A promise he has since dropped.

GND accepts his outstretched hand

Invited to react, the outgoing parliamentary leader of Québec solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, noted that over the past four years, « François Legault has not demonstrated […] willingness to work with other political parties on the issue of the environment ».

« I find it a pity. Today, in the election campaign, he promises us that he will do it, and I accept his outstretched hand, ”said the spokesperson in solidarity.

“I tell him: it doesn’t matter who is in government on October 3, it doesn’t matter whether this government is in the majority or in the minority, it doesn’t matter whether Québec solidaire is in government or in opposition; and if we are the official opposition, we are going to work with everyone who is going to want us to fight harder against climate change, and we are going to oppose any decision that sets us back in our fight against climate change,” he warned.

As for the results of the latest Léger poll, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois believes that Québec solidaire remains the best option to “curb” François Legault and his “madness of the third link”.

Asked about the impact that the withdrawal of his candidate Marie-Eve Rancourt in Camille-Laurin will have, the QS spokesperson refuses to dictate the procedure for voters who planned to vote for his party.

“It’s unfortunate, it’s the least we can say, but we will not give voting instructions for the voters of Camille-Laurin. Me, I trust the intelligence of the voters, I let them make their choice for October 3, ”he dropped.

Not the right question

The PQ leader said he was ready to collaborate “on issues that move Quebec forward”. He admits that “all parties have good ideas”, even that of François Legault. « But that’s not the question, » he said, diverting the subject to criticize François Legault’s resignation on several issues.

“What the CAQ offers us is a resignation to many fundamental questions such as climate change and the future of French and the national status of Quebec in the world”, he mentioned.


Éric Duhaime was open to the collaboration proposal made by Prime Minister Legault to the opposition.

« I am ready to work with everyone if it is to advance the interests of Quebec, » said the Conservative leader. I don’t always agree ideologically with everyone and then there are people who don’t always agree with me. But, that being said, ultimately, we serve the same population.”

According to him, “in politics, you have to be able to make compromises and put water in your wine”.

– With the collaboration of Marc-André Gagnon and Nicolas Lachance, Parliamentary Office, and Taïeb Moalla


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