No need to maintain the same diplomatic presence in the West – Russia

‘There is no work’ in the US and Europe, but other parts of the world are teeming with opportunities, says foreign secretary

Russia could withdraw its diplomatic efforts in the West, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told the ministry’s new recruits on Tuesday, citing the increasingly overt hostility facing Russian diplomats and the need to focus on peace. establishment and expansion of relations with the rest of the world.

« People work in conditions that can hardly be described as humane« , said Lavrov, referring to »constant problems, constant threats.He added that there was « no dot » maintain the same level of diplomatic presence.

There’s no more work since Europe decided to close itself to us.

« The countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, on the contrary, need additional attention“Lavrov continued, promising that these countries”ready to work on an equal footingwould be rewarded withpromising joint projects.”

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Russian consulate in New York vandalized

The United States and many European countries have made life difficult, even dangerous, for Russian diplomats. Diplomatic properties in New York and Sofia have recently been vandalized, the latter by a local politician. Latvian police announced in August that they would no longer protect Russian consulates after the country stopped issuing visas to Russian nationals. When the Russian Embassy in Canada was hit by a Molotov cocktail last month, police reportedly slowed down the investigation, even allowing « aggressive » protesters to block access to the building afterwards. A man rammed a truck through the gates of the Russian Embassy in Dublin in March.


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