No more problems with Calgary Municipal Building trusses

The City of Calgary will spend $8 million to repair a farm located between the fourth and fifth floors of the municipal building.

Located roughly above the council chambers, details of the project were included in this week’s new municipal budget.

β€œIt is important to note that the truss is designed for the load it is currently carrying and there is no safety risk,” said the city’s director of facilities management, Ian Fleming, at CBC News.

“But we wanted to make sure that the work we do contributes to the longer-term sustainability of the asset.”

The truss to be replaced is located above the council chambers in the Calgary Municipal Building. (City of Calgary)

Fleming says $8 million of repair work will begin in December. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

Fleming says there won’t be much for the public to see as the farmhouse is located between floors and is “not visually accessible”.

But, he says, crews will use scaffolding to access the area.

Work will also be carried out on two other floors of the building damaged by minor flooding caused by a cooling system malfunction in 2020.

This is not the first time that repairs have taken place on farms in the city complex.

A few years ago, the city had to close parts of the municipal building due to concerns about improperly installed steel trusses during construction in the 1980s.

Those repairs were made, but the city had a consultant look at other trusses in the building, which generated recommendations on how to improve the load management of what’s called the truss. C, from the northwest side of the building.

In addition, the City plans to spend $3 million to update the utility counters on the third floor.


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