Night of horror Their “degrading” conduct of two young people earns them 6 and 7 years in prison

Two 18-year-olds who confined a victim for a whole night, subjecting him to sexual humiliation and physical violence in addition to forcing him to drink urine in which there was a large quantity of drugs, were sentenced respectively to a sentence of 7 and 8 years in prison.

It is a story to “chill the blood” which was told by the prosecutor Me Anne-Frédérique Coulombe to explain in detail the night of horror that Esteban Dubé and Yohan Roy-Morin experience for their victim, a young man of 18 like them.

Night of horror Their “degrading” conduct of two young people earns them 6 and 7 years in prison

On February 22, the victim was invited to Roy-Morin in the Lairet district to consume and party.

However, things degenerated when the defendants claimed that the young adult had taken a picture of a girl present while she was sleeping, accusing her of having child pornography.

Refusing to give the password to his cell phone, the victim was beaten, in particular with a metal stick, to the point of losing consciousness for the first time.

Sexual humiliation

While the victim is still unconscious and “for the purpose of sexual humiliation”, Esteban Dubé, accused of sexual assault with a weapon, took the handle of a mop and inserted it between his legs and caused injuries. Moreover, so that the victim would not remember the physical and sexual assaults, the defendants, who were filming the scene, forced him to drink a bottle filled with urine in which there were several doses of MDMA.

At the end of this night of horror, the poor victim was left alone for long hours in the snow to wake up 11 hours later in hospital with a broken nose, a concussion and numerous injuries. to the body.

Other charges

In addition to the charges of death threat, forcible confinement, assault and having drugged the victim, Dubé and Roy-Morin were accused of stealing a cell phone from a 15-year-old teenager a few days earlier.

It turns out that the defendants were calling people obviously at random, calling them pedophiles and mentioning their address where they would go and break their legs. Two men were threatened and filed a complaint against the defendants during the same period.

Sentencing them to six and seven years in prison, Judge Marie-Claude Gilbert described the conduct of the two 18-year-old men with no criminal record as “repugnant” causing him to “be isolated from society. for a long time.

She ended by showing sympathy for the victim still “extremely affected” by this appalling night.


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