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Nigeria lifts Twitter ban after six-month suspension

The decision was made after Twitter agreed to meet all conditions set by the Nigerian government, according to a government statement. These conditions include “the management of publications prohibited under Nigerian law” and the resolution of operational and tax issues.

Last June, the Nigerian government suspended Twitter operations in the country, accusing the US social media giant of allowing the use of its platform “for activities that could undermine the existence of the Nigerian company.”

The ban was announced just two days after Twitter deleted a tweet from President Muhammadu Buhari that was widely seen as offensive. In the tweet, Buhari threatened citizens in the southeastern region following attacks on public property.

“The new global reality is that digital platforms and their operators exert a huge influence on the fabric of our society, social interactions and economic choices. These platforms can be used as a tool or a weapon,” the government said in his press release on Wednesday.

“Therefore, our action is a deliberate attempt to recalibrate our relationship with Twitter in order to achieve the maximum mutual benefit for our nation without compromising the legitimate interests of the Company. Our engagement has been very respectful, cordial and fruitful,” did he declare.

The government added that its decision to lift the suspension “opens a new chapter in global digital diplomacy” and “sets a new operating model for Twitter to come back stronger for the benefit of Nigerians.”

CNN has reached out to Twitter for its response to Nigeria’s announcement.