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New York gubernatorial candidate says overnight migrant flights have resumed: ‘We should know who’s coming in’

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New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino warned on Wednesday that the Biden administration had resumed overnight migrant flights from the southern border. Astorino explained on “Fox & Friends” how New York is directly affected by Biden’s open border policies as more Democrats call for Title 42 to stay in place.

“There are buses that take them everywhere. It’s not just Westchester, they get dropped off at schools, they get dropped off at the Jersey Turnpike or the New York State Thruway,” he said.


Astorino has been calling out the Biden administration for secret migrant flights since last summer and said he is still waiting for a response.

Migrants seen after getting off a plane in Westchester.
(New York Post/Christopher Sadowski)

“I wrote a letter on February 1 to President Biden asking these questions. And again, no response. And this is having a major effect on our communities. We should know, at the very least, who is coming in,” said said the former Westchester. county executive.

In January 2022, Astorino publicly shared August footage that showed charter flights landing in New York City after midnight carrying illegal immigrants from the southern border.

The White House responded to the claims in January, saying the footage was neither “new nor new.”

“No matter where they go, they’re going to get help from the United States government here in New York,” he explained.

Astorino slammed Governor Kathy Hochulof crisis management, blowing up the $2 billion earmarked for illegal migrants in the state budget like a “magnet” for illegal immigration.

“My governor, Hochul, who I’m running against, waves everyone. We’re a sanctuary state, so we’re a magnet. There’s a $2 billion fund in the New State budget. York which provides cash assistance, employment assistance to anyone who is here illegally,” he said.

He said New York was already experiencing an increase in crime and argued that open borders could make the state more dangerous.

“We have issues like gangs on Long Island in particular, but all over New York, violent crime. We have drugs and fentanyl killing people left and right in this country, and apparently no one is getting involved. cares who comes in.” he said.

New York gubernatorial candidate says overnight migrant flights have resumed: ‘We should know who’s coming in’

New York Governor Kathy Hochul speaks during a press conference at the Brooklyn Army Terminal Annex in the Brooklyn borough of New York, January 20, 2022. (Paul Frangipane/Bloomberg via Getty Images)
(Paul Frangipane/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Astorino said each state is a border state affected by these policies.

“The crisis on the southern border is transmitted internally, to all the communities, and we are not getting any response from our government, and we are footing the bill.”

Alicia Warren of Fox Business contributed to this report.