New women’s drug addiction residence in west central Saskatchewan. focused on family reunification

A new detox residence in west-central Saskatchewan aims to reunite mothers with their children.

Starlight House is a women-only house located near the main residence of the Prairie Sky Recovery Center (PSR) in Leipzig, Saskatchewan, approximately 150 kilometers west of Saskatoon.

Jacqueline Hoffman, CEO of the center, said the new building means PSR will house all of its male clients in the main residence, while women will have their own space.

Hoffman said Starlight House staff will be conducting workshops on resume writing, meal planning and household budgeting. It will also allow mothers to visit their children while they are in treatment for entire weekends, rather than a few hours.

“We wanted to create an environment for [mothers] so they are safe and they have been able to participate in some of the programs that we have provided for them and reconnect with their children,” she said on CBC. The morning edition Wednesday.

« Addiction is a family issue – and it can also be a family cure. »

LISTEN | Opening of a women-only detox residence in Leipzig, Saskatchewan:

Morning Edition – Saskatchewan11:02Opening of a women-only detox residence in Leipzig, Sask.

Host Stefani Langenegger hears how the Starlight House in Leipzig, Sask. helps a woman on her journey to recovery and helps her envision a future for herself and her children.

Starlight Cardinal, a transition client at PSR, is the namesake of this new residence.

She came to the center 11 years ago after leaving a serious domestic violence situation and having her children apprehended in Alberta.

Cardinal said the more intensive program helped her work through her intergenerational trauma and grief through counseling, which ultimately helped her begin her healing journey.

« I was just able to open up here and find out who I really am, » she said.

Hoffman said Cardinal’s revival was part of the reason the house was named after him.

Hoffman said they were able to learn from Cardinal’s relapses and assess the need for certain supports, such as programs dealing with domestic violence and parenting in recovery.

« Every time Starlight came to see us, she learned from us, but we also learned from her, » Hoffman said.

« If we could have provided Starlight with that in the first place, maybe she wouldn’t have had these relapses and maybe we could have put her on a better path. That’s why we developed the Starlight House . »

It also honors Cardinal’s resilience, Hoffman said.

« We wanted her to understand that we care about her very much and care about her journey, » she said.

« It just seemed like a very fitting and very perfect name. »

Cardinal, who now plans to become a support worker at PSR after completing a year-long program, said she was still shocked to have a building named in her honor.

« It’s just amazing and wonderful. I never thought something like this would happen to me, » she said.

« I can not wait [Starlight House] to offer others some of the help that has been given to me. »


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