New season of “The true nature”: unveiling of the new theme song

Singer-songwriter Étienne Coppée signs the new theme song for the show “La vrai nature”.

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The show, which almost every Sunday evening reaches one million viewers, will be back on the air in mid-January.

Moreover, to underline its five years and the craftsmen of the music which succeeded one another to dress the emission with emotions and softness, the production launched Friday the mini-album “The true nature – The songs”.

We find there the magnificent « Beyond the words » by BEYRIES, « Passengers » and « All I Know » by Pilou, « A part of the other » by Saratoga, as well as « I trust you » by Rosalie Ayotte. The mini-album also includes the new theme song “Avec toi dans le monde” by Étienne Coppée.

To create this piece, the singer-songwriter was inspired by the beauty of the decor of the chalet, located in the Eastern Townships, which he visited during a writing residency. Surrounded by authors Julien Comptour, Philippe Noël and Flavie Melançon, as well as Alex McMahon, who is co-producing the song with him, the singer wanted to capture the feeling of peace and comfort that inhabits the guests as he returns home. in a boat.

The mini-album “The True Nature – The Songs” is available on online listening platforms and the new season of “The True Nature” will hit the airwaves on January 15.


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