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New products and essentials for ice fishing

Each year, manufacturers compete in ingenuity to present us with new equipment or improved versions. To help you have even more pleasure and results when you tease the fish under the frozen crust, here are some products that will do you great favors.


New products and essentials for ice fishing

Altan offers a version of a portable shelter for four rod handlers called Mystique. With a size of 91 by 91 inches and 80 in height, this compact tent, when curled up, is easy to transport. It is made with extra durable, fire-treated 600D fabric. It has windows on all sides for greater visibility and a ventilation hatch to control humidity and heat. The long outer skirt limits the impact of gusts of wind and snow. Ultra-resistant anchors and connecting ropes keep everything in place.

Price : $370.


New products and essentials for ice fishing

It’s hard to be more inviting than a real living bug in the water. The Mister Twister company has achieved a real tour de force with its Sassy Stingum. This ultra soft lure with a potbellied body imitates several species of minnows, even small tadpoles. The very flexible, but resistant tail enhances the presentation, as it wiggles at the slightest jerk or action instilled by the fisherman. This 2.25 inch offering is impaled on a light head of 1/8 ounce or less and a light gauge invisible wire is used for walleye, yellow perch, etc. Available in eight colours, there are 12 per package.

Price : $6.

Available everywhere.


New products and essentials for ice fishing

The primary layers of clothing are the most important for staying warm. The firm FieldSheer offers an assortment of long merino wool underwear called Mobile Warming. The sweater and the pants are equipped with heating membranes with four intensities that the follower can regulate via a cellular application. The rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery provides the desired comfort for a period of 10 hours. Everything is plugged into a micro USB cable.

Price : $239.

On the right foot

New products and essentials for ice fishing

It is with the idea in mind that Mother Nature is sometimes unpredictable, ruthless and indomitable that the company Greentrail designed the Sentinel range of boots. Resistant, flexible and 100% waterproof, they are equipped with an eco-responsible insulated thermal liner of 400 g recycled Primaloft. The higher outsole keeps your feet warm even in the Siberian cold when the mercury dips below -75°C. Its 100% EVA design offers lightness, insulation, good shock absorption and support. Available in camo, black and green.

Price : $150-170.

Don’t miss anything

New products and essentials for ice fishing

The Echomap UHD 63hp Ice Fishing Kit with GT8HW-IF Transducer will blow your mind with its High Wide CHIRP from 16 to 24 degrees and its 6-inch ultra-high definition screen. Its portable fishing kit with handle bag, foam float, rechargeable battery and charger will allow you to take it anywhere, anytime. With the built-in flasher mode (flashing), you won’t lose sight of the lure or the fish it attracts. The Canada LakeVÜ G3 digital map will show you all the bathymetric details of more than
18,000 lakes in the country.

Price : $770.

To your holes

New products and essentials for ice fishing

The new Rogue Electric Ice Drill features an 80-volt battery that generates 1300 watts to spin the bit at over 500 rpm. The user has the choice of opting for two operating speeds, namely turbo and “High IceHouse”. Weighing just 20 lbs (9 kg), this little engineering marvel from Jiffy is capable of drilling 25% more holes and can be fully charged in just one hour. It is available with a 6, 8 or 10 inch bit. On its military grade aluminum handle there is a wide beam LED light for night fishing.

Price : $950.


New products and essentials for ice fishing

It is annoying and exhausting to travel long distances on the ice carrying all the equipment in your arms or on your back. The task will be drastically reduced if you use a Pelican Snow Trek 45 sled instead. Sturdy, durable and versatile, it is made with high density polyethylene. With a length of 45 inches, it can easily lug up to 60 kg of equipment to tease fish under the frozen crust. Its unique design even allows two to be stacked, by positioning the top one upside down, to create a closed box offering greater load capacity.

Price : $50.

Without compromise

New products and essentials for ice fishing

When we jig or that we wait patiently to see our brimbales tipping forward, there is nothing more unpleasant than freezing our fingertips. Everyone knows the famous disposable hand warmers. The Hot Poc is a modern and above all more ecological version. When heat is desired, simply click on the metal disc inside the pouch. A temperature of up to 57°C will then be emitted for almost an hour. To reactivate it, up to a hundred times, simply boil it for five minutes.

Price : $20 per pair, or $0.20 per use.


New products and essentials for ice fishing

The Lindy Quiver Spoon has earned an excellent reputation among walleye enthusiasts. This year, the manufacturer presents the new version which bears the name of Lindy Rattl’N Quiver Spoon. He fitted this curved pewter alloy spoon with a loud sound chamber located at eye level. Thus, when activated, in addition to the swaying that appeals to percids, there is now an additional auditory attraction that intrigues them from afar. It is available in eight colors in popular sizes of 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16.

Price : $6.50.


New products and essentials for ice fishing

The ice fishing enthusiast is often faced with conditions where his equipment literally freezes in the drilled holes. The new Ice Defense from the company Cold Nation is very practical, because it prevents the orifices from closing in the cold. This aerator forces water to circulate to prevent ice formation down to -30 degrees C. The user simply attaches the unit to their sonar or camera and plugs it into the power stack of these with specially adapted connectors.

Price : $150.

Good fishing !