New live album: an exercise in vulnerability for Vincent Vallières

If the presentations are no longer appropriate to talk about Vincent Vallières, we nevertheless have the impression that the singer reveals himself in a whole new way on his album. live Do you still hear it, Vallières? For the artist with a career spanning more than 20 years, this opus recorded while traveling through Quebec alone is a fine exercise in vulnerability.

Vincent Vallières admits it: he gave himself a gift by recording Do you still hear it, Vallières?an album live taken from the capture of his solo show All beauty is not lost: Vallières solo.

Time travel

“Even if it’s tough for me to listen to myself sing, these are traces of passage which, for me, represent a moment of transition, confides the singer-songwriter originally from Sherbrooke. It allows me to see where I am in life.”

Alone on stage, on the guitar, sometimes on the piano (he learned to play the piano during the pandemic!) and even on the electric guitar (on The future is closer than before particular), the artist agrees to make himself vulnerable. Particularly telling stories between his songs drawn from all eras of his career. In fact, he is there, the common thread: in his way of engaging in the monologues between the songs.

“There was a lot of preparation for this tour, I worked so hard, adds the author of the success We’ll love again. When I accompany myself on the piano, for example, it creates a state of vulnerability [dont] is complicit the public. An intimacy and a fragility too.”

This album, which already enjoys great enthusiasm, is aimed at admirers of Vallières “who want to keep a memory of this show, whether they have seen it or not”, believes the singer. However, he recommends that those who plan to see the show wait before listening to the album, so as not to have their pleasure of discovering the stories told on stage spoiled.

“It’s a journey through some of my tunes in which I evolve in time, in my perceptions of the world and things», adds the 44-year-old singer who received a nomination at the Juno gala this year for the French-language album of the year with Any beauty is not lost.

Fascinating meeting of the other

“This show forces me to be still good, adds the musician who sees as an incredible opportunity the fact that people come to sit down to find out what he has to say. I feel that it affects people and I have the feeling of being in my place, as if someone was telling me: you can exist now! Your new music can have a place now.”

Feeling that certain old songs are still relevant in his eyes and in the eyes of the public also reassures him of his own relevance.

“It was significant for me to go alone on the road”, reveals the singer who made his biggest tour with almost 160 dates, leading him in the French-speaking bastions from east to west of Canada. “Alone, you have a different opening. Every moment of silence brings an interiority. On stage, the proposals are more intimate, it’s another approach, an intention, a presence.

The poet has also been offering, for quite some time, magnificent texts on his Facebook page, revealing his impressions of the cities and people he has visited in the four corners of Quebec. Many also ask when a collection of these texts. Question to which the singer gives for the moment a very evasive answer… The show, he explains, nourished the meetings, and vice versa; which gave carrying and inspiring texts, making the joy of the always numerous admirers to comment on his poetic publications.

“These moments of reflection allowed the opening of a dialogue with the public, he adds. People comment, it makes them travel. I like to talk about the places where people live, where we don’t necessarily go on vacation, about life there. I also become a privileged witness of important moments in towns and villages, such as the opening or closing of a church, a school, and that began to fascinate me.

♦ Scrapbook Do you still hear it, Vallières? is on the platforms. It will also be available in double vinyl format starting November 25. To follow Vincent Vallières:


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