New levels of luxury on airplanes, from double beds to high-walled suites

(CNN) — This week in travel: Europe’s most underrated destinations, the world’s spiciest dishes and airlines introducing double beds and high walls in first and business class.

The high life

American Airlines is ditching first-class seats on international flights in favor of new and improved business-class suites, and high-altitude business-class fantasy is also on the rise elsewhere.
In fact, some airlines almost seem to encourage their elite travelers to fly to Companywith the introduction of cozy double beds.
Meanwhile IIn First Class, a new generation of high-sided supersuites reach right up to the ceilings of some of the latest widebody jets, offering unprecedented levels of privacy.
Turkish Airlines recently removed several seats to make the plane more accessible to the world’s tallest woman, who made her first-ever flight in September.

Inspired Destinations

When you’ve already partied in Paris, cruised through London and frolicked around Florence, it’s time to take it a step further.

There are plenty of unexplored pockets across the vast continent of Europe, and we’ve put together a roundup of 21 of the most underrated places to whet your appetite.

If you’re looking to make your European adventure more permanent, Portugal has introduced a new temporary stay visa aimed at remote workers, alongside several other options that make moving to the country possible.

Luxury stays

Sometimes in life, the happy opportunity arises to go all out.

We’re talking about the whole nine yards – tropical island escape, French chateau, tent safari. All the bells and whistles with an exorbitant price for a completely unforgettable vacation.

If that’s you, or if you dream that one day it could be you, check out our roundup of the 13 best hotels to add to your bucket list (Champagne).
The Maldives is one of the most popular choices in the world for this type of unique trip, but at Kudadoo Maldives Private Island Resort, they also think about the future of our daily existence. Here’s how they built a sustainable resort in the lowest country on earth.

bold flavors

Have your refreshing glass of milk handy: We’ve compiled our list of the top 20 spicy foods, from Nigeria’s egusi soup to India’s vindaloo.
A towel to wipe your forehead would be a welcome addition with these dishes, but when it comes to Hong Kong’s famous TPK-style roast pigeon, the meal is brought to your table with a pair of plastic gloves. Here’s why.
Moving on to dessert, a Czech pastry has become one of the most popular treats in Texas. Look here to learn why kolaches should be an essential part of any visit to the Lone Star State.
And to finish with coffee: a caffeine connoisseur experimented with frying coffee beans. Sound terrible? Well, watch the video to hear his verdict.

To party

Sniff the air. Can you smell that gingerbread fluttering in the breeze? Christmas is so close you can almost hear the sweet jingle of bells and Mariah Carey’s laughter.

Some cities, including New York, have already launched their winter villages. Here’s our roundup of the best Christmas markets taking place in 2022.

In case you missed it

Besides hallucinations, the toxin from the Sonoran Desert Toad can cause seizures and even death.

Explorers have found cameras lost on a glacier 85 years ago.

They belonged to American adventurer Bradford Washburn. Here is the amazing story.

The Antonov AN-225 was destroyed earlier this year by Russian forces in Ukraine.

There is much more to Dubai than skyscrapers and shops.


While most of us are aware that Arms Stuffed Poultry is a big airport no-no, our partners at CNN Underscored, a guide to reviews and recommendations of CNN-owned products, have put together this handy guide outlining the TSA’s carry-on baggage rules – as well as sharing some of their favorite luggage options.

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