New Caledonia. Soon an audit of decolonization

The State is preparing to organize an audit of decolonization in New Caledonia in order to support discussions on the institutional future of the archipelago. According to Rémi Bastille, Secretary General of the High Commission of the Republic, it is a question of taking stock in the light of the major United Nations texts on decolonization. Populations’ access to local responsibilities, social inequalities, distribution of wealth, immigration or support towards independence are among the criteria that will be examined. The request for such an audit was made several years ago by the independence party FLNKS. “When we talk about decolonization, the only reference for us is the texts of the United Nations and international law,” declared the separatist Roch Wamytan, who has just been re-elected as head of Congress for a fourth term. He recalled that the archipelago “has been on the UN list of countries to be decolonized since 1986”.


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