New appointments to the Montreal Youth Council

The Conseil jeunesse de Montréal (CJM), whose mandate is to advise elected municipal officials on the issues of ages 12 to 30, welcomes a new member.

Ms. Mowahib Hassan Doualeh will be the new council member, as announced by Ms. Despina Sourias, associate councilor for the status of women, diversity, youth and seniors on the executive committee of the City of Montreal.

Ms. Doualeh, a political science student at Concordia University, was involved with the Students Commission of Canada where she gained experience in defending the interests of young people with government representatives. In March 2022, she was able to talk with Pakistani feminist activist Malala Yousafzai about women’s education in Canada and around the world. It also undertakes to « defend more particularly young people in a situation of marginalization in order to ensure their full inclusion within the Montreal community », as announced in a press release from the City of Montreal.

The renewed mandates are those of Ms. Rime Diany and of the president, Mr. Pentcho Tchomakov. Ms. Diany, a medical student at UdeM and recipient of the Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal for Youth, has extensive volunteer experience, having notably orchestrated an awareness and fundraising campaign for the Rohingyas, a people victim of genocide in Myanmar. Mr. Tchomakov, who recently completed a master’s degree in computer engineering at École polytechnique de Montréal and is a product manager in an artificial intelligence laboratory, has leadership experience. He has organized several conferences on the subject as well as on diversity and inclusion in engineering. He wishes to pursue his mandate by focusing “on youth civic action, public transportation and services, and planning for the smart city of the 21st century”.

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