National Chief RoseAnne Archibald suspended from Assembly of First Nations – National

Effective today, the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) Executive Committee and its National Board of Directors voted to suspend National Chief RoseAnne Archibald.

The decision comes after four complaints were filed against her so that an investigation could take place, the AFN said in a June 17 statement.

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The National Chief will be suspended with pay until the Executive Committee reviews the investigation report and makes a final decision.

Archibald was removed from his emails at 7:30 p.m. Friday, according to a statement she did.

« While Regional Chiefs have the authority to suspend me from the Board of Directors and as Chairman of the Board, they do not have the authority to remove me as National Chief of the AFN, » he said. she stated.

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Archibald will also not be allowed to attend the annual general meeting and chiefs assembly in early July, according to the AFN.

“It is unfortunate that we had to take this harsh action, but we had no other choice. The National Chief committed serious breaches of her obligations to the AFN through unsubstantiated and unsubstantiated public attacks on the integrity of our organization and our employees that will only serve to undermine the good work we do as we continue to serve our First Nations communities, » said Regional Chief Paul Prosper, AFN spokesperson. .

On June 16, Archibald issued a public statement calling for a forensic audit and independent investigation into the assembly’s alleged corruption and « toxicity ».

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She says she has been « undermined, discredited and attacked » in her efforts to clean up the organization, which she accuses of mounting « smear campaigns » to silence it.

The statement prompted the assembly to suspend it because it violated its obligations to the NPC, their statement said.

On June 17, Archibald made another public statement saying she « will not back down in her attempt to shed light on what she believes to be corruption and collusion within the AFN. »

« I am of the view that there is a tendency in the NPC to launch bogus investigations and leak confidential information, especially among senior officials, » she said in the statement.

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“What’s happening is wrong, but it’s not about me; it is a manufactured distraction from my repeated calls to investigate the past eight years of wrongdoing within the AFN.

She also publicly attached an aforementioned whistleblower complaint regarding individuals in leadership positions within the NPC Secretariat.

The complaint details three staff members who reportedly intended to take a break after an Archibald speech in May, although other staff members were « optimistic » after listening. The three staff members also reportedly tried to convince other staff to join them and had pre-drafted a leave request.

“I am writing to inform you that I require leave. I am under duress and my mental health is suffering due to information that was shared on Friday, regarding the possible upheaval in the office and I am extremely concerned about this situation. I need this week off to take time for my mental health, » read the pre-written email, detailed in Archibald’s public statement.

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Archibald also claims that the nature between the three staff members and the CEO of the APN is « highly suspicious » and « deserves investigation ».

Archibald was elected the Assembly’s first female national leader in July last year.

At the time of her election, she was being investigated over allegations of harassment and intimidation since serving as regional chief for Ontario. She then said the investigation, which has since been resolved, was due to her vocal allegations that women and LGBTQ2 members of the organization were being harassed and bullied.

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