NASCAR: two pilots on a mission in Mirabel

Apart from the inaugural race of the NASCAR Pinty’s series at the ICAR circuit in Mirabel won by Ontarian Robin Buck in 2011, the other seven events were the affair of two drivers: Andrew Ranger and Kevin Lacroix.

With only three stages to go, Saturday’s stopover is of great importance for those who want to succeed defending champion Louis-Philippe Dumoulin, whose chances of signing a fourth title in the series are almost nil.

Ranger and Lacroix, respectively fifth and sixth in the cumulative ranking, are among those drivers on a mission who have not given up their hope of lifting the precious champion’s trophy. And this, even if the task looks colossal to join Marc-Antoine Camirand at the top of the table.

Kevin Lacroix

Photo courtesy, NASCAR Pinty’s, Matthew Manor

Kevin Lacroix

A playground

These two pursuers have only one idea in mind, that of dominating the peloton when the checkered flag is waved at the start of the evening. We have to admit that this route laid out on the tarmac of Mirabel International Airport is a real playground for the two Quebecers.

For one, Ranger is the record holder with four wins while, for the other, Lacroix has three, acquired in his last four starts at ICAR. And the three victories of the driver from Saint-Eustache were obtained ahead of Ranger who, each time, reached the second step of the podium.

“I love racing on this concrete track where controlled slides and slides are part of the show. I’ve always felt comfortable there,” exclaims Ranger.

“It is certain that to reduce the gap in the championship, I have no choice but to win. And that’s what I plan to do on Saturday, ”he continued.

Successful trials

Lacroix, he holds the same speech knowing that he will have to impose himself to maximize his chances of winning a first title in the series.

“In the last two races on the road circuit [à Toronto et à Trois-Rivières], he recalled, we were very competitive. Especially since we participated in two successful private testing sessions at ICAR earlier this season. »

But beware, other pilots who are also very talented do not intend to indulge in a role of figuration. Among the 23 entered, it will obviously be necessary to count on Camirand, but also on Dumoulin who, failing to be able to defend his title successfully, intends to give everything to return to victory.

Third in the standings, Alexandre Tagliani does not hide his ambitions either.

“Anything is possible, he said, with three races to go. I was never the fastest in ICAR, but on the long runs I think I have a good car in my hands. »

The two Alexes

We shouldn’t forget a certain Alex Labbé, who is back in action for one race in the NASCAR Pinty’s series, and Alex Guénette, whose recent victory at the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières clearly demonstrated his talent.

The Terrebonne driver was fifth last year at ICAR and second in 2014.

Finally, we will also watch Louis-Philippe Montour and Ontario veteran DJ Kennington (second in the standings) who will be making his 187th consecutive start in the Canadian stock-car series.

NASCAR Pinty’s Series

  • 11th round of the season | Saturday
  • Circuit ICAR (Mirabel)

Schedule of the day

  • 10 a.m.: Free practice
  • 2 p.m.: Qualifying session
  • 5:45 p.m.: Start of the race
  • Route length: 1.8km
  • Number of rounds: 70 (without mandatory stop)
  • Total distance: 126km
  • 23 pilots registered, including 13 Quebecers

Cumulative ranking

After 10 stages (top 10)

1. Marc-Antoine Camirand | 397

2. DJ Kennington | 385

3. Alexandre Tagliani | 377

4. Treyten Lapcevich | 365

5. Kevin Lacroix | 364

6.Andrew Ranger | 362

7. Louis-Philippe Dumoulin | 354

8.Brandon Watson | 353

9. Gary Klutt | 352

10. Jean-Philippe Bergeron | 317

Winners at ICAR

  • 2011: Robin Buck
  • 2012: Andrew Ranger
  • 2013: Andrew Ranger
  • 2014: Andrew Ranger
  • 2015: Kevin Lacroix
  • 2016: Andrew Ranger
  • 2017: Kevin Lacroix
  • 2021: Kevin Lacroix

Research: Louis Butcher

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