NASA’s decision to clean up rocket launch is disappointing, but the right choice: Canadian astronaut

Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques said today’s decision to cancel the launch of NASA’s new moon rocket is disappointing but necessary due to another leak discovered ahead of the scheduled test flight .

The Artemis 1 rocket caused another fuel leak, forcing controllers to cancel the second attempt this week to send a crew capsule with test dummies on board into lunar orbit.

A first attempt on Monday was also aborted due to hydrogen leaking elsewhere on the NASA-built 98-meter rocket.

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NASA postpones second moon rocket launch attempt citing another fuel leak

Saint-Jacques, who was due to watch the launch from Canadian Space Agency headquarters in suburban Montreal, says the space enthusiast in him is disappointed, but the sober engineer knows it was the right choice.

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It was not immediately clear when NASA might try again.

Saint-Jacques says a window stays open until about Tuesday, but after that the moon won’t be in the right place in the sky for a few weeks.

He says the test flight is significant because a Canadian astronaut is expected to take part in the first crewed flight of the Artemis 2 rocket, which is expected to fly around the moon and return in 2024.

NASA is expected to brief reporters later on Saturday.

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NASA says Artemis I team ‘ready’ ahead of second launch attempt

NASA says Artemis I team ‘ready’ ahead of second launch attempt

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