Nancy. Half-naked man found dead at dating spot, homicide investigation opened

A half-naked man was found dead in Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle) along a railway line in an area known for sexual encounters, report our colleagues from The Republican East. « The circumstances of the discovery of the body and the first findings suggest a probable ‘sex game’ that would have gone wrong, » said Nancy prosecutor François Pérain.

The man was found dead on Sunday August 21 in the early morning, with several objects related to sexual practices. The victim, in his fifties, was identified on Monday, while his wife had reported his disappearance the same day.

Manslaughter investigation

Still according to the prosecutor, the autopsy carried out in the process did not make it possible to « know with certainty the cause of death », other results of additional examinations « which will have to be part of the duration » being expected. « A death in connection with certain sexual practices requiring the intervention of one or more third parties is at this stage the most probable hypothesis », assured François Pérain to AFP. A voluntary homicide investigation has been opened.

The parking of the man’s vehicle near the place where he was discovered suggests that he had « definitely gone to this meeting place voluntarily », according to the prosecutor. Judicial information was opened « in particular to identify the people that this man had been able to meet » in his probable quest for antics in this case « in which many points deserve to be clarified », further specified the magistrate.


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