Mulroney wants to see Université Laval train leaders on the international scene

Sidhartha Banerjee, The Canadian Press

MONTREAL — Université Laval officially launched an $80 million fundraising campaign on Wednesday to support its Carrefour international Brian-Mulroney, in which the former prime minister plays a key role in strengthening Quebec’s presence on the international scene. .

Earlier this year, the Quebec-based university announced plans to create a Graduate School of International Studies to provide a springboard for the next generation of leaders.

Mr. Mulroney, who led Canada from 1984 to 1993, is a graduate of Laval University. It is he who will chair the major fundraising campaign. The funds will be used for the construction of a new pavilion to house the graduate school, the creation of scholarships and the financing of research chairs.

In an interview on the sidelines of the press conference, Mr. Mulroney mentioned that globalization has had the effect of transforming needs and that the next generation will need expertise in order to take a greater place on the international scene.

“In my time, it was (Bachelor of Arts), then a law degree and we did what we could, he recalled. Now that has changed, it’s very sophisticated. The challenges are economic, military, political, personal.”

According to him, Université Laval has the ability to bring together the necessary resources to offer high-quality education to students in all these fields.

« This will allow them, in due course, to have access to the highest positions in international institutions », continued the law graduate of the cohort of 1964.

Brian Mulroney thus hopes to see Quebecers one day accede to the posts of Secretary General of the United Nations, Secretary General of NATO or even to the management of the International Trade Organization.

According to the former Conservative Prime Minister, it was Rector Sophie D’Amours who was behind the idea of ​​bringing together studies in international relations under one roof with the avowed objective of developing the next generation of French-speaking Quebec leaders in the international scene.

Brian Mulroney says he intends to meet regularly with students to share experiences throughout his career. He also wants to see leaders from all over the world participate in the activities and conferences organized by the institution.

“We will try to establish a solid reputation at the school so that people want to come, promised Mr. Mulroney. We want to give the impression to the students who see these people and meet them that they can achieve this too.

Already some $40 million has already been raised on the $80 million goal. This sum comes from a series of private donations, including a contribution from Mr. Mulroney himself. The Quebec government contributed $27.75 million to the project.

Rector Sophie D’Amours said she was honored to see Mr. Mulroney support and promote the project. She described this ambitious adventure as the starting point of a transformation for Université Laval.

Brian Mulroney recalled that it is the oldest university in Canada and that it has produced some of the most illustrious figures in the country, including three prime ministers of Canada and eight provincial premiers.

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