Motion of censorship reviewed for the RN: fake news according to Nupes

In the kingdom of fake news, the Macronists – and their objective allies of Hollandism – are kings. It all started with a tweet from socialist François Kalfon: “I am told in the headset that LFI has had any positive mention of immigration removed, yet present in the left-wing censure motion to allow the RN to vote for it… And this is extremely serious! » A breach in which Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, former number 1 of the PS, engulfed with greed. “The leadership of the Socialist Party must shed light on the fact that LFI removed from the motion of censure of the Nupes any positive reference to immigration to allow the vote of the RN. If this is the case, this management must suspend its participation in Nupes”, asks the former support of Manuel Valls.

A rumor picked up at the highest level of the state

The rumor obviously reached the ears of Emmanuel Macron who did not hesitate to use it during his presidential interview on France 2: “Do you think that our compatriots who voted for a socialist or ecologist deputy asked him to carry a majority with deputies from the National Rally and asked him to table a motion of censure which has, on purpose, been changed by this baroque coalition? Nupes? » And his Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin, on France Inter, to propagate the accusation, intimating to « Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the rebellious France » respond : “Did they remove sentences that had to do with immigration in the no-confidence motion? Have you negotiated with the RN so that Madame Le Pen can vote your motion of censure? »

« We have chosen to put, in our motion, markers relating to the substance of the texts and immigration is clearly not a budgetary subject »

However, a majority of participants in the Nupes intergroup where the drafting of the text was discussed confirmed to Humanity that the hearsay is not true. “It is totally false, as Boris Vallaud and Cyrielle Chatelain have also indicated”, assures the rebellious Manuel Bompard. President of the environmental group who defended the motion at the podium, the last cited abounds. “We would have written “immigration is good” and we would have removed it? This is not the case. We had discussions about the purpose of the motion, explains Cyrielle Chatelain. For my group, it was to have a vote on the budget, with which we disagree after the passage in force of the government. We never wanted the RN to vote and our interventions in the hemicycle are very clear. »

“We have chosen to put, in our motion, markers relating to the substance of the texts and immigration is clearly not a budgetary subject, adds ecologist Sophie Taillé-Polian. This text poses our social project, with strong leftist and green elements. » And a socialist to complete: “The October motion on the budget is much more identity-based than the more formal one tabled in July. We never thought the RN was going to vote for it. »

Eddy on the left after the support of the RN

But if the subject of immigration never made it to the intergroup discussion table, “there was indeed a strategic debate to know whether to refer to the RN or not. It potentially prevents them from voting but it also puts them at the center,” slips a well-informed Nupes MP. The idea was not retained in the final text. They all point out that “the far right has voted for all motions of censure since 2012, including those on the left”. Boris Vallaud, president of the socialist group, also noted, on Twitter, that the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire voted, on February 19, 2015, “with Marion Maréchal-Le Pen and Gilbert Collard a motion of censure against… the Macron law”.

Still, Marine Le Pen’s tactical move, announcing at the last moment that she and her family would vote for the Nupes text after having repeated the opposite, caused some turmoil within the left-wing coalition. Communists, ecologists and socialists, as well as a few rebels, have had little taste for the satisfied tone of certain FI deputies. They were also moved during the last meeting of the intergroup, Tuesday morning. Especially about Raquel Garrido’s tweet: “The Nupes motion of no confidence is made to be voted on, not just a testimony. I am happy that the RN is obliged to recognize the leadership of Nupes in this institutional moment when Parliament stands up against the abuse of power by 49-3. But the rebellious parliamentarian is not the only one who wants to bring down the Borne government, which can only be done with the votes of the RN. “There is no alternative majority in this hemicycle. The only solution for the country is to return to the polls. For that, Macron must dissolve the Assembly,” justifies another rebel.

Weakening the government or symbolic gesture?

A tactic far from consensus in the Nupes. “I am not delighted that the RN votes our text. I wouldn’t have said things like Raquel, explains a communist. But we still share the desire to weaken the government. »And a socialist to recognize: “We fought to clearly affirm leftist elements in the motion. But maybe we didn’t go far enough. Unlike the FI, we do not want to overthrow the government but make a symbolic and political gesture. »

Strategic debates thus always agitate the Nupes, between the frontal and sometimes agitated opposition line of the rebellious in order to capture popular anger and the will to give credibility to a left alternative. The affair, it confirms the capacity of media nuisance of the socialist elephants, although they do not weigh today any more anything in the urns. And also that the majority like the executive are ready for any controversy to divide the left.


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