Most popular baby names in Nova Scotia

Note: A list of the best baby names for 2022 follows this post. 2022 information is current as of today, December 29 at 10 a.m.

Oliver is Nova Scotians’ favorite baby name for 2022.

The top 10 names for 2022 are Oliver, Jack, Charlotte, Violet, William, Emma, ​​Owen, Henry, Olivia and Noah according to the Nova Scotia Vital Statistics Registry.

The most popular names generally remain consistent over the years. There are a few new names gaining popularity like Grayson and Beau, with some old favorites returning like Emma and Charlotte.

Fast facts:

  • there were 6,828 births registered this year in Nova Scotia as of December 29
  • Nova Scotia began officially registering births on August 1, 1864, and the most popular names that year were Mary and John.
  • Olivia was the province’s first baby name in 2021


The Nova Scotia Vital Statistics Registry top baby names for 2022:

Oliver (58), Jack (48), Charlotte (42), Violet (42), William (40), Emma (39), Owen (38), Olivia (36), Henry (36), Noah (35), Theodore (34), Amelia (31), Ellie (31), Levi (31), Grayson (30), Liam (30), Beau (29), Harper (28), Sadie (28), Jackson (28), Theo (28 years old), Thomas (28 years old)


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