Most fuel prices rose in NL on Thursday

Gasoline prices in Newfoundland and Labrador rose 1.2 cents per liter on Thursday. (Axel Tardieu/CBC/Radio-Canada)

Gasoline, diesel and heating oil prices are all up slightly on Thursday morning.

The maximum price for gasoline increased by 1.2 cents per litre, according to a press release from the Public Utilities Board of Newfoundland and Labrador. Avalon Peninsula customers will now pay a maximum of $1,832 for a self-serve liter.

Elsewhere in Newfoundland, prices range from $1.85 per liter on the Burin and Bonavista Peninsulas, close to $1.86 per liter in central Newfoundland, $1.87 on the Bay Peninsula Green, between $1.83 and $1.85 per liter on the west coast of Newfoundland and between $1.85 and $1.87 on the north coast. Peninsula.

Prices are slightly higher in Labrador on Thursday, ranging from $1.898 per liter in western Labrador to $2.32 in southern Labrador from Lodge Bay to Cartwright.

Diesel increased by 3.7 cents per liter across the province. Fuel has fallen dramatically over the past week, including a three-day period last week in which the price fell more than 25 cents per litre.

The price is now over $2.35 per liter on the Avalon, while it ranges from $2.36 to $2.46 per liter in Newfoundland. In Labrador, diesel prices range from $2.17 to $2.76 per litre.

Furnace oil also increased by just over three cents per litre. Fuel prices in Newfoundland now range from $1.70 in northeast Avalon to $1.88 in Ramea.

Fuel oil increased by 1.33 cents per liter in Newfoundland and 3.76 cents per liter in Labrador.

Propane is the only fuel whose price fell by 2.2 cents per litre.

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