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Nearly two-thirds of respondents worry about being able to afford ‘everyday things’

Some 65% of Americans areconcerned« to be able to afford »everyday things,” according to a YouGov-CBS News poll released Monday. Almost three-quarters of respondents – 73% – said they were worried about their ability to save money.

Two-thirds of survey respondents wondered if they could afford to « take a vacation or travelwhile 70% said they were worried about being able to afford to retire. Of those with children under the age of 18, 60% worried about being able to afford childcare.

These concerns were part of a gloomy overall outlook on the economy, with 75% of survey respondents rating it « pretty bad » Where « very bad.” asked how »things in America today are going60% answered that it wasworse than [they] expected” at the start of the year, and 69% expected the economy to slow down or enter a recession in the next year.

The majority (59%) also disapproved of the work President Joe Biden was doing, particularly regarding inflation (71% disapproving) and the economy (66% disapproving). These two issues were similarly ranked as the highest priority issues for the country to address, while « survey January 6, 2021was ranked dead last, behind the coronavirus epidemic and climate change.

The president has seen his approval rating plummet as inflation hit near-all-time highs and gasoline prices hit record highs on a weekly, if not daily, basis. A Civiqs poll released on Sunday put its rating at an all-time low of 32%, with consumer sentiment dipping to a record low of 50.0 in the latest June reading from the University of Michigan.

Global recession risk warning

Another poll taken last week found that 97% of Americans think the price hike was a « crisis« or at the very least a »problemwith gas prices being singled out as a particularly serious problem, and 91% of those polled said they believed the president had at least some power to rein in soaring costs. While Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen recently insisted a recession isn’t inevitable, many economists disagree, and some predict the United States won’t be the only country so touched. The CEO of Deutsche Bank has warned that a global recession is likely before the end of 2023.

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