Mortuary and duty

Emmanuel Macron has not said his last word. In a delicate position at the end of the legislative elections, the president wanted to strike a blow and show who is the leader. No matter the shape. Abundance, that « free cash » (sic), it’s over, he warned in the Council of Ministers. The 10 million destitute, the endless procession of workers impoverished by miserable wages and explosive inflation will appreciate these words steeped in arrogance and sufficiency. His back-to-school statement, which in no way targeted the leaders of the CAC 40 and their superprofits, gives the measure of the dangerousness of Macronist projects.

The tenant of the Élysée took charge in person of preparing the ground, before the resumption of the parliamentary session. It promises a weeping tomorrow. The unemployment insurance reform contains all the ferments of the stigmatization of the unemployed who will still see their rights amputated. As we know, the pension reform provides for the extension of working hours. As for the 2023 budget, make no mistake. The effects of this summer’s announcements concerning a few ministries were only intended to coat the austerity cure with a view to falling below the 3% deficit mark in 2027. Emmanuel Macron was careful not to pronouncing the word, however, is its main line.

Social war is declared. And the battle has already begun. The various components of Nupes, which hold their university this weekend, are faced with an immense responsibility. While Macronie is sharpening its knives to push its projects through the Assembly, thanks to the support of the right and the far right, they have the responsibility of establishing themselves as the only credible opposition. To do this, they will have to convince new minds, the very ones who failed in June to overturn the table. It is a duty, at a time when the high cost of living weighs down the daily lives of a majority of French people. First stage of this titanic project: the Festival of Humanity where, for the first time, all the forces of the left will be present. This is already a salutary sign.


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