more than a week for the installation

Quebecers only have one week left to have their winter tires installed on their vehicle before the December 1 deadline.

Remember that in Quebec it is mandatory for all road users to be equipped with winter tires from December 1 to March 15. The obligation applies to all motorized road vehicles registered in Québec, including those offered for lease. Trailers are not subject to this obligation.

Motorists who do not comply with this regulation could be fined between $200 and $300.

A tire that is compliant for winter driving must have the appropriate pictogram or be fitted with studs. Retreaded or remoulded tires for passenger vehicles must also bear the pictogram or be fitted with studs. The use of spikes or what are commonly called studded tires is permitted from October 15, but from May 1 these tires must be removed.


There are many exceptions to this law:
– heavy vehicles, tool vehicles, agricultural machinery or vehicle spare wheels
– motorcycles used as emergency vehicles
– A period of seven days following the date of acquisition of the vehicle from a vehicle dealer
– the seven days preceding the expiry of the vehicle rental contract, the duration of which is one year or more
– vehicles to which a removable license plate (X plate) is affixed
– vehicles to which a temporary registration certificate (transit) is affixed for the period of validity indicated on the certificate, without exceeding a period of seven days following the date of issue of this certificate
– motorized homes, ie motor vehicles converted into permanent accommodation and vehicles for which a winter tire exemption certificate is issued by the SAAQ.

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