More than 11,000 new social and affordable housing units, promises the CAQ

Frederic Lacroix-Couture, The Canadian Press

LAVAL, Qc — The Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) promises the construction of thousands of new affordable and social housing units in a second term.

François Legault went there for a first commitment even before the start of the electoral campaign, scheduled for the end of August.

The CAQ leader promised Friday to build 11,700 social and affordable housing units over the next four years, if the CAQ forms the government again on October 3.

It also undertakes to subsidize 7,200 housing units through the Rent Supplement Program. In total, the CAQ intends to invest $1.8 billion to counter the housing shortage in all regions of Quebec for a new mandate.

The Ministries of Finance and Municipal Affairs and Housing estimate the lack of social housing at 23,500 new social housing units in Quebec over the next 10 years, indicated Mr. Legault at a press conference in Laval.

But officials are unable to establish annual requirements for various reasons. “We therefore took it upon ourselves, the CAQ, to assess the needs for the next term at 11,700, so roughly half of the need for the next 10 years,” explained the Premier surrounded by his Laval candidates.

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