more social acceptability this time around?

The Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) will open a branch by the end of winter, which will be located at 5060 boulevard Saint-Laurent, in the Mile-End district.

No opening date has yet been specified by the state-owned company.

It should be noted that a similar project on Van Horne Avenue, in the neighboring borough, Outremont, had led to a major citizen mobilization against the project, prompting the members of the borough council to adopt a new draft by-law aimed at to further regulate the sale of cannabis.

On February 7, Outremont finally banned the sale of cannabis throughout its territory.

“Everything was done as usual”

SQDC spokesperson and communications advisor Fabrice Giguère confirms that the Saint-Laurent Boulevard project is not intended to replace the Van Horne Avenue branch. « It’s two different projects, » he says categorically.

The Mile-End project also seems to benefit from greater social acceptability.

We had no opposition or at least no citizen demonstrations like those we saw in Outremont.

Fabrice Giguère, spokesperson and communications advisor for the SQDC

The spokesperson assures that relations with the Arrondissement du Plateau Mont-Royal are open and cordial, and that the project has been carried out according to the rules of the art. “It’s a job that is done in collaboration with the municipalities, in order to respect the urban plan and the will of the elected municipal officials,” he adds.

At the time of publishing its lines, the Borough of Plateau Mont-Royal had not yet responded to the request for an interview with Subway.

More details will follow…

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