Moose killed after attacking two people, a dog

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Two people and their dog were injured in a moose attack in Colorado.

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The incident happened on a loop trail near Nederland, Colo., about 70 miles northwest of Denver, according to the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office.

The female moose, known as the female moose, charged at the couple and left a 31-year-old man seriously injured.

The woman accompanying him was slightly injured and their dog was also injured.

A deputy arrived on the scene and fired bean bag bullets at the animal in an attempt to scare it away.

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The moose fled but returned, forcing the officer to fire another warning shot.

That second shot was not enough to keep the moose at bay and it returned a third time as medics attempted to evacuate injured hikers, cops said.

The moose continued to charge at the group, so the deputy shot and killed the moose.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers will investigate the circumstances surrounding the moose.

This is the third known moose attack in Colorado in less than a month, following incidents in Breckenridge and Grand Lake.

In both cases, a mother moose was defending her babies nearby.


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