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Montreal: the opposition wants a moratorium on the closure of neighborhood stations

The idea raised by the police chief to close neighborhood stations (PDQ) in Montreal outraged the official opposition, which called for a moratorium on the issue.

“We are in a context of an upsurge in violence,” said Abdelhaq Sari, opposition spokesperson for public security. Right now, citizens need to be reassured ”.

In December 2020, the city council unanimously adopted a motion which notably imposed a moratorium on any decision to close, merge or integrate neighborhood stations. It also ruled that the Public Security Commission would hold public consultations before making any changes affecting the number of PDQs and their location.

For Mr. Sari, the Plante administration would renege on its past commitments. “We will table another motion at the municipal council [le 24 janvier prochain] so that it respects the decision that has been taken, ”he revealed.

He is indignant that the idea is emerging now, when it has been germinating for some time within the SPVM. For him, it should rather have been debated during the elections.

“There are two possibilities: either that the administration was already in the know and has been hiding information for months, or either that they learned about it at the same time as us. In both cases, it’s serious: it shows a serious lack of transparency, or competence, ”he said indignantly.

As a reminder, last week, during the Committee on Finance and Administration, the director of the Police Department of the City of Montreal, Sylvain Caron, raised the idea of ​​reducing the number of neighborhood stations present through The city. He explained that this would allow more police to be sent to the road.

Tuesday, in the press, Mayor Valérie Plante had said that she saw this with a “good eye”.

“What I find interesting is that the police chief brings solutions to maximize and reflect on police services and see how they can be more efficient. How do we make sure that everywhere across the island, we feel safe, ”she explained.

The mayor also promised that this would not be the kind of decision that would be “taken on the edge of a table” and that the City would consult on this matter.