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Montreal is studying the application of postal voting for 2025

The City of Montreal’s Registry Service is already studying the possibility of extending postal voting in the next municipal elections. This, while the participation rate last November was starving.

“In 2021, when the rules arrived, it was too late to implement business processes for the 2021 election. For 2025, things must be started immediately. And yes, we have already made known our interest in discussing these ways of doing things ”, explained Thursday Me Emmanuel Tani-Moore, Director of the Registry Service.

He was speaking within the framework of the commission on finances and administration to the City, which takes place until Friday.

Also president of Élection Montréal by virtue of his position, he was also open to the idea of ​​somewhat simplifying the democratic process to encourage participation.

As a reminder, in Montreal, citizens must vote, depending on their borough, two to five times for as many different positions within the city administration.

“Why not have a single medium, where all the ballots would be on the same piece of paper. It could be digitized, and the processing would be facilitated, as well as the exercise [du vote] by the citizen ”, considered Me Tani-Moore, who adds that his department will look into this type of thinking.

“We have to get ahead and start work immediately,” he added.

Last spring, while the electoral race was preparing, Denis Coderre’s party demanded that the City allow postal voting in order to facilitate democratic participation in the pandemic context. Election Montreal, however, felt that the deadline was too short, and was concerned about the risks that postal voting could pose for the integrity of the results.

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