Montreal businessman charged with international bribery

A Montreal company and four of its executives, including Mr. Michael McClean of Beaconsfield, face charges of corruption and fraud under the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act and the Criminal Code.

These charges relate to an investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) into international corruption.

In a press release issued by the RCMP on September 21, it is alleged that Ultra Electronics Forensic Technology Inc. (UEFTI) and the accused individuals instigated local agents in the Philippines to bribe foreign public officials to influence and accelerate a multi-million dollar contract.

The investigation by the Sensitive and International Investigations Section of the RCMP National Division began in August 2018.

In addition to Mr. Michael McClean, the three other accused persons are Mr. Robert Andrew Walsh, Mr. Philip Timothy Heany and Mr. René Bélanger.

The four individuals and UEFTI representatives are scheduled to appear in Montreal Provincial Court on September 28.

The RCMP explains that the Sensitive and International Investigations section focuses its expertise on sensitive and high-risk investigations involving serious threats to government institutions, officials, the integrity of the state, or that could jeopardize the political, economic and social integrity of Canada.

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