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Mom sees disturbing viral video on school bus and wants answers

DETROIT (WXYZ) — We often talk about videos going viral on social media, but when it comes to your own child facing a possible health crisis, this video can be disturbing to watch.

That’s what happened to a substitute teacher in Detroit when someone videotaped her severely autistic son on the school bus screaming for help. Now she wants answers to what leads to what. We must warn you that the video is disturbing.

Imagine a mother’s horror to learn that the video you see circulating on social media is not just that of your child, but none of the authorities alerted you to the fact that this incident happened. is produced in a school bus.

“My family, we found out through social media, it was trending video on Facebook,” mum Talysha Oldham said.

Six-year-old Adriel Oldham was coming home from school by bus. Another child on the bus recorded a video of what was happening. It looks like Adriel is being restrained by the bus driver as he screams.

“When he got home the bus driver told me he couldn’t take my bus anymore, he couldn’t take my bus anymore, he had to find another way of transportation,” Oldham said.

Oldham, who was a substitute teacher in Detroit for 10 years and worked as a teacher in the Detroit Public School Community District, was shocked when this video began circulating on social media. Adriel’s father is the one who told him it was their little boy with his legs up in the air who was screaming.

“The first thing I heard was my son screaming and then I could see this lady sitting on top of my son and hitting him,” Oldham said.

His mother says he barely speaks.

“He can tell you his basic needs, whether he’s hungry or if he needs to go to the bathroom, he can’t tell you if he’s been hurt or if someone has done something to him,” Oldham explained. .

This happened in November 2021. Oldham went to a meeting at her son’s school twice in the same week to discuss Adriel’s behavior and her Individualized Education Program (IEP) to make sure that he was properly taken care of with his disability.

“Have you ever seen him fall apart?” WXYZ’s Carolyn Clifford asked.

“I’ve seen him break down, yes, but it’s easy for us to fix because he’s in therapy every week,” Oldham said.

She also says that normally when her son is picked up or dropped off, there are only a few children on the bus. But that day, it seems there were a lot of children on the bus.

Oldham said the bus driver told her he attacked her on the bus.

On the way back, the bus driver did not mention what happened on the return trip.

“Even though she had a hard time with him, she could have handled it differently,” Oldham said. “She could have stopped the bus, she could have called dispatch and let them know she had a problem.”

We contacted the Detroit Public Schools Community District the same week it happened.

They promptly responded with a letter stating that the bus driver and her assistant, who are not employed by DPS and work for a separate contracted bus service, could no longer transport DPSCD students.

Here is what he says:

The District is aware of the incident and the video circulating on social media. The bus driver (bus company employee) and attendant (district employee) have been removed from DPSCD Student and School Services pending an investigation into the incident.

Chrystal Wilson, assistant superintendent of the Detroit Public Schools Community District

“That bus driver and assistant are gone. Does that make you feel any better?” asked Clifford.

“When you work with children, especially children with disabilities, you have to be trained,” Oldham said.

Oldham filed a police report and she has since transferred her son to another school. They saw several doctors to make sure he was uninjured and had no lingering issues. At the moment, he is homeschooled.

“What more do you want to happen?” asked Clifford.

“I would like to see legal action, I would like to press charges against her,” Oldham said.