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Michael Pezzetta in survival mode

At 23 and after three full seasons with the Laval Rocket without coming close to getting a recall, Michael Pezzetta can easily recognize the luck he has in front of him. And he doesn’t intend to let it slip through his fingers. Against the Bruins, he scored his only goal in addition to awakening his teammates with his intensity.

“That’s what I’m here for. I always have to stay 100%. I find myself in audition every day. For a player like me, I can never predict what will happen the next day. I can control the way I play, I don’t want anyone to question my intensity. I must play with heart and bring fire to my game as well. “

– Michael Pezzetta

Jeff Petry, who hasn’t had a big game, also spoke about the heart and ardor of Michael Pezzetta.

“He’s a guy, no matter the game, who has a lot to prove. He wants to show he belongs to the NHL. He plays with energy and pays attention to the little things in order to be successful. He was tough, he moved the puck well, he’s not afraid to go for tough places. He gave energy to the rest of the team. “

– Jeff Petry

Michael Pezzetta in survival mode

Brad Marchand doesn’t just have a knack for making his rivals lose patience. He is also a great hockey player. Bruins’ number 63 led the way with a hat trick.

“It’s hard to defend against him, he’s strong on his skates and you can’t easily take the puck out of him. He also has a knack for making plays on raises and close to the net. “

– Jeff Petry

To colleagues in Boston, Marchand explained his choice to retrieve a purple hat from the ice.

“The hat was coming for me. I thought he was sexy! “

– Brad Marchand