Mets play it safe with Scherzer

For the third straight time on Saturday, New York Mets pitcher Max Scherzer failed in his attempt to sign the 200e career victory. However, it was his state of health that caught the eye.

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The 38-year-old was retired after just five innings of work as the Mets were tied 1-1 with the Washington Nationals. He had only made 67 shots when he was substituted.

Scherzer, however, was reassuring, mentioning that he was simply feeling unusual fatigue on the left side of his body. He also wanted to play precautions, he who missed part of the season due to an injury to the obliques, the area where he felt fatigue.

“I didn’t hurt myself, assured the gunner after the game, his remarks were taken up by the major baseball site. Nothing really happened. Nothing tightened up. I just felt a general fatigue on my left side. It is in similar conditions that you can injure yourself, when you throw in fatigue.

Scherzer had allowed just one run on three hits and a walk when he was called out. He had also passed five opponents in the mitt.

“Was there a scenario where I could have gone back in the sixth inning and come out unscathed? Of course, Scherzer explained. It could have happened. But if I had gone back in the sixth inning and got hurt, I couldn’t have come back to the locker room, looked the guys in the eye and said I made the right call. Prevention is better than cure.”

Sitting in first place in the National’s East Division, two games ahead of the Atlanta Braves, before the Sunday duels, the Mets are in excellent position to reach the playoffs, they who have not participated since 2016.

The Mets will also need Scherzer on the mound if they want to go far in the playoffs.

“I just couldn’t take any chances, especially when you look at where we are in our schedule,” Scherzer said. There is no time left to come back from an injury. It played a big part in me retiring after five innings.”

Proof that Scherzer is not seriously injured, he could be at his post for his next scheduled departure.


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