Metropolitan Community of Montreal: a first housing policy adopted

The Montreal Metropolitan Community (CMM) adopted the first Metropolitan Housing Policy on Thursday to meet the challenges that arise in a context of demographic transformations and the climate crisis.

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“The housing shortage and the affordability crisis have serious consequences for the population of Greater Montreal. […] With the addition of social and affordable housing targets in the PMAD, […] the CMM will position itself as one of the most proactive metropolitan regions to ensure social diversity in its living environments,” declared Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montreal and President of the Montreal Metropolitan Community.

The CMM announced that it had adopted its policy with the main aim of ensuring “sufficient and predictable funding for social and community housing”, it was announced in a press release, especially since the price of rents has exploded in recent years in Greater Montreal.

Remember that the CMM is a planning, coordination and financing organization for the Montreal region that carries out its functions, among other things, in the context of land use planning, public transit and the environment.

The integration of social and affordable housing targets, determined according to the needs of households in the region, in the Metropolitan Land Use and Development Plan is also proposed.

To help municipalities set up these units, the CMM will set up a support program that will benefit all the targeted municipalities of Greater Montreal.

“This policy responds with aplomb to a crisis that has plagued our families for far too long. I’m proud that we do […] and that we give ourselves tools to promote housing affordability with several innovative ideas,” explained Stéphane Boyer, Mayor of Laval and Vice-Chairman of the Council.


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