Meghan Trainor’s one-year-old son makes an adorable appearance at mum’s performance

By Zoe Phillips,

Meghan Trainor, working mom! The singer spoke to the « Today » hosts on Friday about how motherhood pushes her to focus on her music’s legacy — and she took 1-year-old Riley with her.

« Everything is much more important, » she said before her performance with Riley and her husband, Daryl Sabara, in the audience. “Every song is much more important. I’m thinking of him — when he’s 10, he’ll hear these songs and I want him to be proud.

Little Riley waved his hands off his dad’s arms in the crowd, wearing protective headphones and holding a toy car. « I look at it and I’m like, ‘Oh, I need three more’, you know? You just want more of him,” she said.

Meghan Trainor
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Trainor’s latest album, Take it back, is out now and was largely inspired by Riley. « It means so much, I hope everyone gets a chance to listen to the entire album, » she said. « It’s finally out and there’s a special song called ‘Superwoman’ for my moms, my working moms. »

To want more, the couple have big plans. « I would love twins, » said Trainor Romper last month. « A two-for-one deal. »

She added that they had talked about turning their attic into a classroom for Riley and any future children they would add to the family.

« I want to hire a preschool teacher who will be able to teach about emotions, » she said of her dream homeschooling experience. « How do you deal with that when you feel like freaking out and screaming, because they usually don’t do that. »


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