Megan Thee Stallion launches mental health website with directory of free resources

By Melissa Romualdi.

Megan Thee Stallion is helping others take care of their mental health with the launch of her new website.

The rapper created the online health resource platform called « Bad B***hes Have Bad Days Too », a lyric taken from her song « Anxiety ».

One of Megan’s fans shared the site on Twitter with a message that read, « Megan @theestallion created a website that compiles a list of various mental health resources and sends it to its fans and followers. Real hot girl shit.

The singer, who has been open about her own mental health in the past, later shared the tweet on her own account.

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The fan, named Shea Jordan Smith, also tweeted the message Megan allegedly sent to fans regarding her new webpage.

“Hottests! You know how much mental wellness means to me, so I’ve created a hub with resources that can help you when you might need a helping hand,” she wrote. “Go to now and check it out. I love you all so much.

Among the resources listed on the website are several free therapy organizations and mental health hotlines, including individual lines for national crises, suicide prevention, and substance abuse. The page also offers resources for the black community, such as therapy for black men and women, an LGBTQ psychotherapist of color, and black mental wellness, to name a few.

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Last October, Megan opened up about her own mental health journey following the deaths of both her parents. While appearing on the Facebook Watch series « Peace of Mind with Taraji, » the rapper shared that she « started to learn that it’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to want to go to therapy.

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