Mckenna Grace talks about living and working with scoliosis since she was 12

By Corey Atad.

Mckenna Grace shares her story of scoliosis.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporterthe 16-year-old actress talks about living and working with spinal disease after being diagnosed at age 12.

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« I’m a very loving person, so I hug my parents a lot, and every time I hugged him, he felt my back and my spine, and he told me my back was weird, » he said. – she says about her father, a surgeon, noticing the problem.

Earlier this month, Grace shared on Twitter that she was about to undergo medical surgery to correct her spine.

As she explained, coping with scoliosis while working as an actress had become very difficult before undergoing the procedure.

« On ‘Ghostbusters’, there wasn’t much hiding of a big, clunky, chunky corset for the back. But most of the time, I kept it to myself. Even though it’s not the kind thing that’s a disability, I didn’t want productions to think too much and think I was a disability, » Grace said.

Along with needing costumes suited to her condition, Grace also decided to take some time off in the middle of filming « The Handmaid’s Tale. »

« It was very difficult to schedule surgery in the middle of everything I was doing, » she said. « I had been filming since about May, then I went straight from that project to another one that ran six-day weeks — like adult hours — and it was for a month. »

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Fortunately, the results of the operation were only positive for the actress.

“I actually went to the gym for the first time this morning. I’m starting to go back to my usual activities. I want to get in shape now that I fixed my spine because I didn’t realize how much my spine was bothering me. I was training six days a week and not making any progress,” she said.

Grace added: « I think that was a big part of my mindset, but also after spinal surgery I feel like I’m the best I’ve ever had in my life. body, even though I haven’t exercised in months. I guess that was how much my spine was bothering me. I feel like a new person. It’s crazy. »

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