“massive” Russian strikes hit the country, three injured in kyiv

► Ukraine denounces « massive » strikes of more than 120 Russian missiles

Ukraine denounces strikes « massive » of more than 120 Russian missiles Thursday morning, December 29 on several cities of the country, including the capital kyiv, where at least three people were injured.

“At present, three people have been injured, including a 14-year-old girl. All are hospitalized.wrote the mayor on Telegram.

These bombings occur a few days before New Year, the main family celebration in this season in most countries in the region. « The enemy attacks Ukraine on several fronts, with cruise missiles fired from planes and ships »the Air Force announced on social media.

► Power cuts after the Russian strikes

As a result of this new salvo of Russian bombing, nearly half of the capital kyiv was without electricity. « 40% of consumers in the capital are without electricity after the Russian attack »he wrote on the social network Telegram, assuring that the water and the district heating functioned normally except in the buildings deprived of current whose boilers function with electricity.

Lviv, the big city in western Ukraine, was 90% deprived of electricity after new Russian bombardments on Ukrainian energy infrastructure in the middle of winter. « Trams and trolleybuses no longer run in the city, there could be water cuts »said the mayor of the social network Telegram.

► Ukraine says it shot down 54 of 69 Russian missiles on Thursday

Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense managed to shoot down 54 of the 69 Russian missiles launched against Ukraine, assured the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. “According to provisional data, a total of 69 missiles were launched and 54 enemy missiles were shot down”, he wrote on Telegram. Previously, the Ukrainian presidency had reported up to 120 missiles having targeted the country.

All of the 16 missiles that targeted the capital kyiv were shot down. The fragments damaged three houses, a car, an industrial enterprise and a playground.

► Russian anti-aircraft defense activated near Saratov, 500 km from Ukraine

Russian air defense shot down « an unidentified object » near Saratov, 500 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, said the regional governor, three days after a drone attack attributed to Ukraine killed three people at an air base in the region.

“An anti-aircraft defense system has been activated in the territory of the Engels district. An unidentified object was destroyed (…) No threats to the safety of the inhabitants”, indicated on Telegram the governor, Roman Boussargine. The Engels military airfield, located in this area, was hit by a drone attack on Monday, the second of its kind in December.

► Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile crashed in Belarus, says Minsk

A Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile crashed Thursday in Belarus, said the authorities of this former Soviet republic, an ally of Russia and supporting its offensive against Ukraine.

The missile launched by an S-300 air defense system “coming from Ukrainian territory” fell in the morning on Belarusian territory, according to the Ministry of Defense.

► The French Minister of Armies promises to help Ukraine further

Armed Forces Minister Sébastien Lecornu said during his first trip to kyiv that he wanted to work to meet Ukrainian military needs « for the coming weeks ».

Presidents Volodymyr Zelensky and Emmanuel Macron asked « to make them proposals for the month of January to redefine an agenda » on French military support, he said during a press conference with his Ukrainian counterpart, Oleksiï Reznikov.


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