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The British Royal Family’s profanity was posted on Piers Morgan’s account under someone else’s scrutiny

The official Twitter account of British media personality Piers Morgan has been taken down after hackers called themselves the « laugh team » spent over an hour posting obscenities on Tuesday.

Publish under Morgan’s account – which has been renamed several times, in « lol » and « C**T STONES » among other pseudonyms – the hackers hurled profanity at the British Royal Family (« f**k the queen »), former Prime Minister Boris Johnson (« Get yourself a f**king haircut, you dirty bum ») and pop star Ed Sheeran (« You red-headed asshole »).

Some posts appeared to suggest the hackers were from Somalia, while in others they enticed subscribers with the option to reveal Morgan’s private DMs with celebrities. A post falsely claimed that social media influencer Andrew Tate had been “Found shot dead in Dubai.

Their work was eventually wiped about an hour after the account was taken over, and Morgan’s TV show account « Uncensored Piers Morgan » informed Twitter CEO Elon Musk that his host had been hacked. “A chance to get it back, @elonmusk? asked the account.

Morgan reportedly became the UK’s highest-paid journalist in January after signing a £50million deal with News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch to write columns for the New York Post and the Sun and anchor his show. « Uncensored » on TalkTV.

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The commentator is no stranger to controversy, regularly lashing out at high-profile figures like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, whose recent Netflix documentary he called « whining », and polarizing his audience with his rigid stance on Covid-19 regulations.

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