Martine Francke’s career in five souvenir photos

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Martine Franke

In 1993, a very enthusiastic young Martine who had been seen as a reporter for 100 Limitswhich portrayed the character of Axinia in Montreal PQ and who was going to play the lead role of the intense Rosalynde in the play As you would like of Shakespeare, underlined his Slavic roots, his parents being of Polish origin.


Martine Franke

In the fall of 1994, four years after graduating from the National Theater School, the 29-year-old actress was nominated as best actress at the Masques evening, for her portrayal of Shakespeare’s character, Rosalynde, in the play As you would like. You could also see her on TV in several soap operas, including Watatatow.

Big roles

Martine Franke

In the series Dear Olivier directed by André Melançon, Martine Francke interpreted the second wife of the popular Olivier Guimond (Benoit Brière), the singer Jeanne-D’Arc Charlebois. The TVA series produced by Avanti won several awards in 1997. In her 30-year career, the actress has appeared in nearly 100 films, TV series and plays.

actress and mother

Martine Franke

At the Jean-Talon Market, in 1999, Martine, then a young mother (her son was 4 years old), confided her little health secrets in terms of food. Shared between family life and career, she played in particular in the soap operas Rue L’Esperance and Ent Cadieux. She also played Ouala, one of the funny animals in the Télé-Québec children’s series, Bagpipe.

The singer

Martine Franke

Big year than 2005, when we could see the actress at the cinema in the comedy by Yves Desgagnés, instant idol, alongside Claudine Mercier. That year, Martine, who has a background in classical singing and dance, was also in the musical The Nuns and presented a tribute show to Yves Prévert.

  • We will find Martine Francke in the skin of the snob Marie-Louise, the sister of Marie-Luce (Maude Guérin) in the popular soap opera 5th rowg by Sylvie Lussier and Pierre Poirier. From September 12 on Radio-Canada.
  • We recently saw the excellent actress in The World of Gabrielle Roy playing the proud Mélina Landry, the mother of the famous Franco-Manitoban novelist, alongside Gaston Lepage (her husband). To review on
  • Martine will be from the third season of Counter offer in 2023, Noovo’s fun comedy at the heart of the real estate community, alongside Marie-Soleil Dion, Antoine Vézina and Normand D’Amour. To review on
  • We will also see the actress in the film Bassimo’s bellybased on a short story by the famous Iranian writer Sadegh Hedayat.
  • The actress is the mother of two children (with André Robitaille), David, production manager and Lili Francke-Robitaille, actress. Martine is the sister of Chantal Francke from RBO.


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