Marriage of skiing and snowshoeing

If we put on skis and snowshoes, our winter playground will expand! Outdoor enthusiasts finally dare to venture off the marked trails, because these skis facilitate their movement on the snow, both during ascents and descents.

We recognize the ski-shoe by its shape, which is wider at the ends and narrower in the middle, as well as by its integrated climbing skin, made of nylon and mohair – the first facilitates climbing and the second promotes gliding.

In addition, the ski-shoe is slightly arched to better support the skins on the ground and obtain the desired effect.

« When the skis slide on the snow during the descent, you can experience magical sensations and get hooked, » points out Pierre Langlois, co-owner of AMC Plein Air, a company specializing in ski-snowshoe outings and the sale of those -this.

Explore the territory

Mr. Langlois specifies that ski-snowshoeing takes the athlete up slopes impossible to cross in alpine skiing, because of the increased speed, while ski-snowshoeing allows better control of this speed.

Furthermore, the climbing skin offers the possibility of “climbing almost anywhere, by developing different techniques”, he says.

This is how ski-snowshoeing encourages adventurers, children and adults, lovers of hiking and sliding sports, to explore different territories by adopting the telemark position.

Skis offset, knees bent, weight directed and heels released, it is easier to make turns and transitions in a controlled manner, says Mr. Langlois.

Compared to cross-country skiing and downhill skiing, which require special boots, ski-snowshoeing is practiced wearing winter boots according to which the bindings are adjusted.

Several people can therefore use the same pair of skis, with their own boots. This is ideal for initiating the visit to this sport during a getaway to the chalet.

Choose well

To choose the right pair of skis-snowshoes, it is important to take several factors into consideration, including their size and weight to obtain good flotation while being able to crush the ski to make it stick to the snow when necessary.

The typography of the terrain you want to cover and the level of sliding you want to achieve will also guide buyers towards the right choice, with the help of an advisor.


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