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Marine Le Pen prostitutes feminism

Being a woman is not enough to be a feminist. Feminism proposes a new egalitarian society for all. This “new” society presupposes moving away from the patriarchal shores that shaped the “old”, by locking each sex into roles defined by supposedly unsurpassable biological predispositions.

Feminism is based on tolerance and the inclusion of the other, in a struggle against everything that stems from postulates based on discriminating factors. Values ​​completely unknown to the party of Marine Le Pen, which diverts feminism from its essence to reuse it in its electoral strategy. The “feminism” of the extreme right does not advance society, on the contrary it takes it backwards to “to put France in order by reimposing everywhere, and on everyone, our values ​​of civilization”.

These words are those of Marine Le Pen, in a column entitled “Lettre aux Françaises”, signed during her campaign, and by which she depicts her feminism as an essentializing notion of women, things and prey of men. About street harassment, the candidate says: “I will lower the heads of those who think they can ignore that in France we respect women” and “decide on the expulsion of foreigners who engage in these practices“. The problem would therefore come down to that of immigration. However, as we know, Western patriarchal society did not wait for migratory movements to be sexist. In addition, in 2018, Marine Le Pen was absent from the National Assembly during the vote for the law strengthening the fight against sexual and gender-based violence, aimed in particular at combating street harassment. A single sentence is dedicated to women in the professional world, supposedly calling on us to exercise positions of responsibility while in 2021, during the vote on the law aimed at accelerating economic and professional equality, the deputies of the RN n did not vote.

If claiming to defend equality has become an electoral necessity, then we must put this notion back in the sauce of the far right. And this new cuisine is completely hypocritical and incoherent. For example, Marine Le Pen recently declared that she had never wanted a decline in access to abortion, whereas in 2012 she proposed to abolish reimbursement.

Marine Le Pen prostitutes feminism, like secularism or the Republic. These signifiers, through their history and their practice, do not belong to the extreme right, which has always ardently fought against them. Their current mobilization is only the instillation of a poison, in the interstices of their polysemy, to serve the sole cause of the RN: against immigrants, against women, against democracy, and ultimately against France.