Marie-Eve Proulx withdraws her candidacy for the CAQ and apologizes

Patrice Bergeron, The Canadian Press

MONTMAGNY, Qc — Targeted once again by allegations of psychological harassment, CAQ MP and former minister Marie-Eve Proulx denied everything on Monday, but she nevertheless apologized and withdrew her candidacy for the October elections.

The tearful MP ​​spoke of “defamation” and she plans to take legal action.

“I am in shock today, it was not a decision that I had matured for a long time”, she said, at a press conference in a hotel in Montmagny, in her constituency of Côte-du. -South.

Ms. Proulx was even still campaigning last weekend for the October 3 election. She assures that she was not pressured by the party or the Prime Minister’s Office to withdraw.

A complaint for psychological harassment was recently filed with the Administrative Labor Tribunal (TAT) by a former political attaché. The chief caquiste François Legault had however subsequently reiterated his confidence in his deputy.

« It is not with lightness of heart that I made this decision, all these stories are starting to undermine my morale, » said Ms. Proulx.

Previously, two complaints had been filed with the TAT but an amicable settlement had been reached in 2021. In addition, no less than twenty people have left their functions in the entourage of the MP since the start of her mandate in 2018.

“False accusations are heavy,” explained Ms. Proulx, to justify her departure.

She brandished the two National Assembly investigation reports which cleared her. One of them also relates to the allegations of the former political attaché who is now addressing the TAT.

“There has never been any psychological harassment,” she continued, adding that she had never heard of a bad working climate.

The very last complaint filed recently by her ex-political attaché before the TAT is just as unfounded, according to her.

« It may have happened to me to be clumsy (…) because of my ambitions, I’m sorry, it was involuntary », she assured, apologizing for having been impatient, and « having hurt » people, « if that’s the case.

Ms. Proulx made particular reference to the heaviness of her task. Mr. Legault had assigned to this rising star, this faithful of the first hour, the functions of Minister Delegate for Economic Development, but also of Minister responsible for three regions, Chaudière-Appalaches, Bas-Saint-Laurent, Gaspésie-Îles-de- -Madeleine.

“It took me a solid team, she argued. It was not easy to find the right people to accompany me.

She lamented that despite the amicable settlement reached last year, people had continued to smear her reputation in the public square, while she herself was bound to confidentiality under the agreement.

« It cost me my job as minister, » she concluded.

Ms. Proulx had once referred to her “style” to justify the vacuum she created around her. She recalled that she had consulted a psychologist to improve her interpersonal relationships.

The deputy indicated that she continued to receive “messages of encouragement and support, despite the false information circulating about me”.

The CAQ will now have to find and invest a new candidate in the riding. In 2018, Ms. Proulx easily won Côte-du-Sud with 53% of the vote.


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