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Manga.  Look back, by Tatsuki Fujimoto, the intimate after the horror

At the Angoulême festival this year, the star of Manga City was undoubtedly Tatsuki Fujimoto. At the entrance to the beautiful exhibition dedicated to the “Hero of Chaos”, the queue of fans was always full… The success of the rising star of manga, with a face still unknown, has slowly crossed continents and is establishing itself today in France thanks to its two series “Fire Punch” and “Chainsaw Man”. It’s trashy, lively, teeming with details and dripping blood. The comically fantastical demons of “Chainsaw Man” will soon embark on a second season, still in the works, but to be released online this summer. The animated version should follow in the fall.

Between episodes, the prolific Tatsuki Fujimoto looked back, remembering his past as a passionate newbie. Inspired, he sketched “Look Back”, a sensitive, unexpected and superb story. Don’t look for monster killers or devil hunters. This “one shot”, a story in a single volume, is inspired by the life of the designer, his youth, his creative work. He recounts the meeting of Fujino and Kyômoto, two high school students. With finesse, to the rhythm of an ever-surprising division, the author describes two contrasting adolescent personalities who will come together through drawing, according to time and the seasons. The mastery of the script, tenuous, of a mysterious atmosphere that can touch on the fantastic reveals an intimate facet of the Japanese maestro.